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OK, What exactly is Real Estate Consulting? 

Great Question.  Our Consulting Program enables investors to pursue their own endeavors with the added confidence of having an experienced real estate professional "on call" to help with research, analysis and implementation.  We're here to advise; not to sell. 

Consulting is a service based approach, in contrast to the traditional event based approach.  This means the client pays a fee for our services just as you do with your accountant or attorney. You pay for services as needed or wanted.

What is a Real Estate Consultant? 

Individual Carib-Gulf Realty agents are members of the International Association of Real Estate Consultants (IAREC) and hold the Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant (C-CREC™) certification. Other Carib-Gulf agents are Graduate Real Estate Consultants and hold the GREC certification, and some have both certifications. And some agents hold the Accredited Consultant in Real Estate (ACRE™) designation. These certifications are awarded to only those agents who have demonstrated the highest degree of training, expertise and professionalism in real estate consulting. Perhaps agents with other companies call themselves consultants, but they have no formal training in the field. Carib-Gulf Realty agents are professionally trained and certified as Real Estate Consultants.

If You Don't Work on Commission, How Are You Paid? 

We are paid by Fee For Services rather than from commissions.  We first begin with a free initial consultation with the client, wherein we define the client's real estate challenge.  From there we agree to a negotiated fee based on the services we to provide.  This could be on an hourly basis, a per diem basis, or simply a flat fee;  it all depends on what the client needs and wants.


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